10x the thrill. $200 cheaper than the three closest options combined*.

Tandem skydiving is the only adventure activity you need to do in Victoria Falls.
We get it. You’re only in Victoria Falls for a short while. All the activities on offer sound amazing!! You don’t have unlimited time and money to do all the activities. And it’s so hard to choose.
When you choose a tandem skydive, you’re treated to the same breath-taking views as the scenic helicopter ride – only 10x higher.
You get the adrenaline rush of freefalling as you do on a bungee jump, only for 10x.
You’ll plummet faster and further than you do on the gorge swing, reaching speed of up to 200kph.
So if you can only choose one white knuckle activity, we think it should be the tandem skydive.

Rates 2018

Tandem Jump (Includes a flight over the Falls) – US$  360 per person

Excludes National park fees of $10pp and $8pp return transfer fee.

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