The Victoria Falls Bridge lies in “no man’s land” between Zimbabwean and Zambian Boarder Posts. 

PRODUCT :   Bridge Tour
LOC­A­TION : Victoria Falls Bridge operated by Victoria Falls Bridge Company
AVAIL­AB­IL­ITY : Daily, 3 times per day.
TIMES: ­09h30, 12h30, 15h30. Transfer pick up time is 30 min prior.

The Tour begins with registration and signing of indemnity. Once the formalities are done, a guide walks the guests down to the Bridge Tour Viewing Deck where a presentation is given by a trained guide on the History of the Bridge.

A guided walk around the Visitors Centre is done as the “visual” part of the tour where the guide shows you what was mentioned in the verbal presentation.

After the Visitors Centre Walk is completed, there is an “optional” physical under the Bridge tour. This entails a briefing on the route, the safety and what to expect on the physical tour. Guests are then provided with the necessary safety equipment. Before proceeding to the bridge, a safety demonstration and safety training is provided to ensure guests safety.

Before departure, guests are given the opportunity to enjoy the shop or the Visitors Centre in their own time from approximately 30 minutes before they are returned to the respective pick-up points.

There is no minimum age for the initial part of the tour, however, for the physical part of the tour under the Bridge, minimum age is 10 years of age.

There are no spe­cific health re­quire­ments for this activ­ity, and phys­ical dis­ab­il­it­ies will be con­sidered on an in­di­vidual basis. If a guest has any med­ical con­di­tions such as epi­lepsy, dia­betes or dan­ger­ous al­ler­gies etc, please en­sure that Adventure Zone is in­formed at the time of book­ing.

Re­com­men­ded cloth­ing as fol­lows:
We suggest ladies do not wear skirts due to the harnesses required for the “Under the Bridge” part of the tour.

Rates 2018

Bridge tour – US$ 65 pp

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